Report: Dad Had Blackouts During Alleged Kidnapping, Rape of Daughter

More information is being released about the man accused of kidnapping, raping and attempting to kill his daughter. 23 ABC has obtained investigation reports with statements from the victim, her father and his polygraph test.

While an army of law enforcement scoured the area around the 8-year-old girl's home on July 27, investigation reports say the girl's father, Ray Coriell, never asked deputies the status of his daughter and was "acting as if everything was normal."


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  • In a statement, Coriell's son said the girl told him the night before her kidnapping that she had a "funny feeling someone" was going to "take her."

    In the police reports, the girl said she could not make out who kidnapped her or hurt her but did remember sleeping, someone taking her out of the house, grabbing her by the neck and stuffing her under a couch.

    She remembered being put in a gray Chevy truck, similar if not identical to the family truck, according to the court documents.

    She said she remembered waking up under a couch, screaming and pushing the couch to get out from under it, according to the court documents.

    She said she drifted in and out of consciousness several times before finally getting up and walking in search of food, water and help, according to court documents.

    Six hours after the kidnapping, the girl was found walking in a dirt field on Eucalyptus Drive in east Bakersfield -- nearly 10 miles from her home, according to court documents.

    According to the reports, investigators asked if she was afraid of getting someone in trouble by talking to them, she replied, "My stepmom wouldn't ever do that to me. So if it was probably somebody else, yeah I would get them in trouble."

    The day after the kidnapping, Coriell was supposed to show up at the Sheriff's Office for a polygraph test at noon, deputies said. Instead he barricaded himself in his bedroom, which contained several shotguns, and sent his wife suicidal text messages, deputies said.

    In one text, he said, "I deserve to die," and told her he was the victim of a sexual assault by his cousin when he was younger, according to court documents.

    He also wrote several letters. One addressed "To God," said, "forgive me father for I have sinned," according to the court documents.

    He also wrote a letter to each of his children saying "I miss you," according to court documents.

    The documents indicate Coriell had not been to work all week because there had been a small fire at his house two days before the kidnapping, caused by someone who wrapped a towel around a hot hair straightener and put it under the girl's blanket in her room.

    During Coriell's polygraph test, detectives said Coriell showed signs of lying.

    According to the documents, Coriell told detectives he has fits of rage, blackouts and memory loss whenever he has flashbacks of his childhood sexual abuse.

    Coriell told an investigator the hair straightener fire possibly occurred during one of his blackouts, according to court documents.

    According to the documents, he also told investigators he had a flashback of his own abuse the night he was with his daughter, saying he remembered standing at the girl's bedroom door looking into her room and then everything "went black." Next thing he knows, "I remember my wife calling me, and I was talking to her, and I looked around where I was at, out in a fricking field," said Coriell.

    According to the documents, Coriell said he has blacked out while driving and ended up at strange places. He said he did not remember driving eastward when leaving for work but did notice an odd street sign possibly indicating he was going in the wrong direction.

    In the documents, Coriell said he could not recall how the victim got into his truck but said, "I think I heard a cough."

    Coriell said he recalled hearing a voice, nudging a couch and tossing a couch pillow while in the field. He also remembered hearing a loud voice similar to a child, according to the documents.

    When asked if he knew he did something wrong, he replied, "I felt I thought I had done something," according to the documents

    In the documents, when the detective asked Coriell, "Are you sorry for what happened?" Coriell said, "Very sorry." The detective asked Coriell, "Are you going to be able to promise her you will never sexually assault her again," according to the documents. Coriell was crying and said "I hope so. I hope I can."

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