Car Thieves Near Bakersfield College Strike Again

Despite Media Coverage, Arrests, Thieves Continue Stealing Cars

After police said one man and two teenage boys were caught stealing cars at or around Bakersfield College Wednesday morning and afternoon, thieves continue to strike.

Wednesday night between 6 and 8 p.m., someone stole another car on Dove Street near BC.

"They're targeting Honda Civics and Accords," said BC Campus Officer Jason Matthews.

Campus police said 1990s models are the generation of choice, presumably for the interchangeable parts.

4,500-5,000 cars at and around Bakersfield College on most days, campus police said '90s Hondas make up about 30 percent of the vehicles.

"These guys were using shaved down Honda keys as a tool to in without breaking windows," said Matthews.

Matthews said peak car theft hours are between 8:30 and 11 a.m., and the thefts are so prevalent, even car thieves have to protect themselves.

Police said they caught Frankie Lee Jones Wednesday tampering with a Honda he had stolen and parked across the street from BC.

Protect Your Car From Auto Theft

"What he did is he took the battery cable out so someone wouldn't come and take his already stolen vehicle," said Matthews.

Some students who are Honda owners are not surprised by the thefts

"As soon as I bought the car, I knew that those cars are pretty easy to steal," said BC student Juan Chavez, who owns a 1990 Honda.

Jared Aguilar owns a 1996 Honda Accord, which he said was stolen last year a few blocks away from BC.

“It worries me again that all this is going on," said Aguilar, who now has an alarm on his car.

"I feel somewhat comfortable about having an alarm, but people could still get around that," he said.

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