Court Documents Give Details Of Elderly Woman's Killing

Newly Released Court Documents Say David Webster Burglarized Home, Killed Resident

Newly released court documents shed more light on what investigators said happened in a Baker Street burglary that left an 84-year-old woman dead.

David Webster is accused of breaking into the home of 84-year old Margy Lou Licastro, 84, at about 4:30 a.m. Jan. 16.

Court documents released Friday afternoon indicated Webster took a copy of Licastro's house key, which was hidden in an electrical box in the back yard.

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Police say he let himself in through the back door, triggering the alarm, which he pulled off the wall by the door.

Police say Webster then went into the kitchen, grabbed a carving knife, and went into Licastro's room and stabbed her multiple times in the chest, arm and neck.

Afterward, he put the knife back in the kitchen and grabbed another knife before leaving the house.

Police found the second knife and a glove in the back yard.

Police say two hours later, police caught Webster burglarizing a neighbor's house.

He claimed he was watching that house and had the keys to it, which police said did not fit the door lock.

But one of the keys was Licastro's.

Investigators say other things they found on Webster were a drug pipe and the matching glove to the one found in Licasto's back yard.

Police say Webster admitted to being an East Side Crips gang member. The gang is known to be one of the most violent and ruthless gangs in Kern County.

Webster pleaded not guilty in court Thursday to charges of burglary and murder and is set to be in court again March 7.

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