First Day of School Brings First Day of New Budget Cuts

Bakersfield College Cuts Number Of Classes, Students

Nearly 14,00 students are expected to start school at Bakersfield College's panorama campus this week. That's 1,500 less than last fall semester.

"Because of the state's budget cuts we have had to reduce the number of classes we offer and that's going to reduce the number of students that are here," said BC spokeswoman Amber Chiang.

Thanks to a $4.3 million budget cut to the college, BC reduced classes by 150 and increased fees by 10 dollars per unit. Despite the cuts, BC has added 10 new faculty members.

"I know it sounds odd that we'd be hiring right now but the reality is when someone retires, you need to fill that space," said Chiang.

Although there may be room for faculty, there is no room for students that haven't registered, so don't miss your first day of class or you will lose your spot.

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