Gas Station Owner: There Is No Controversy Over David Turner Shooting Video

The Owner Of The Fastrip Where The Shooting Occurred Insists Surveillance Video Has Not Been Altered

23 ABC went to Roger Hawatmeh, who is the owner of the Fastrip on Niles street where David Turner was shot by deputies, to ask him if the video he handed over to investigators was altered. He declined to comment on camera but released this statement:

"The video the Sheriff's office released to media is exactly what we handed over to investigators. It is exactly what the cameras recorded. There has been no editing or doctoring of video. Sheriff Youngblood's explaination of motion sensoring being the cause for the 5 second gap is a true statement. The only video we have shown the family is the same video released to the sheriffs office and media."

23 ABC also talked to the manufacturer of that surveillance camera on the phone this afternoon. He said there is absolutely no way that surveillance video could have been altered because it was prerecorded and came straight from the dvr hardrive.

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