Green Frog Market Gets New Look

After 75 Years, An East Bakersfield Icon Gets A Facelift

After 75 years, an East Bakersfield icon is getting a facelift.

There is a lot of revitalization going on all over east Bakersfield right now; much of it being funded with public dollars. But the renovations at Green Frog Market are all out of pocket. Even so, the owner believes it’s worth it.

For the past 75 years, Green Frog market has held steady as the community store and staple for northeast Bakersfield. But now it’s undergoing a million dollar change, such as adding an indoor dining area, outdoor patio, and small park. Owner Scott Hair says he isn't just revitalizing the store, but the community as well.

"We live here, we work here, and play here and I think this store is going to stand for everybody that works on this side of town as to how great this neighborhood is," said Hair.

"Oh its going to be great for improving the community. I sometimes feel they do everything on the west side and we need more improvement on the east side. This will help tremendously," said customer Ruth Doyle.

Green Frog is just one of the latest revitalization projects in east Bakersfield. Supervisor Michael Rubio is spearheading an $8 million project to install new curbs and gutters, while tens of millions of dollars in stimulus money are going into roads, highways, and Old Town Kern.

While the completion dates for those projects are still a while away. Renovations at Green Frog market are expected be done by mid December.