Local Track Team Flooded With Donations From All Over America

People Donation Hundreds Of Track Shoes, Thousands of Dollars

Fremont elementary's track team has gone from running in flip flops and house slippers to running in proper track shoes. After 23 ABC's News' story went viral, the school was flooded with donations.

"When I got back from spring break my secretary caught me at the doorway and I walked in and she was so excited she said 'hey come here I have something to show you' and she pulled out a cart filled with boxes of shoes and checks and envelopes. It was like Christmas for us," said Henry Valderrama of Fremont Elementary.

During Easter break, the track team received nearly 20 pairs of new shoes and $9,000 in checks from people all over the country such as Alabama and Washington. They will also receive nearly 200 pairs of shoes from Zappos, Action Sports and Soul 2 Sole sports.

"They're running in house slippers, they're running in converse, vans whatever they have because they want to be out there running. When we saw that we immediately started making phone calls to figure what way we could help. It's a great feeling to know there's a need in our backyard we can actually meet," said Travis Hobbs of Sole 2 Souls Sports.

Track team member Jordan Britton says running used to hurt her knees, but not anymore.

"(The track shoes) are cool. I like them and they're better than running in our regular shoes because we have more power," said Britton.

Whatever money and shoes that aren't used for this track team will be saved and used for future track team students.

"I want to say to all the people who donated -- thank you very much. We couldn't ask for more," said Britton.

Fremont Elementary always needs shoes because this problem pops up every year.

If you'd like to help, you can send your donation to John C. Fremont magnet school at 607 Texas St., Bakersfield CA.

Any questions, call 661-631-5280.

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