Man Appears In Court For Alleged Rape, Attempted Murder of Daughter

Ray Coriell Pleads Not Guilty, Search Warrant Released To Media

Ray Corriell pled not guilty in court Monday to numerous charges including kidnapping, rape and the attempted murder of his eight-year-old daughter. The judge denied bail.

The plea was not as surprising as the information in his arrest warrant revealing insight into why he barricaded himself in his home the day after his daughter was found.

Last Wednesday, the girl was reported missing out of her bed around four in the morning. Around 10:30 a.m., the girl was found walking in a dirt field across town on Eucalyptus drive in East Bakersfield - nearly 10 miles away from her home.

She was still in her pajamas, barefoot and severely beaten. The warrant says she had been dumped in a dirt field and left under a sofa. She had been sexually assaulted to the point of needing surgery.

In the warrant, Corriell told investigators that when his daughter went missing, he was in the area of Renfro road on his way to work in the area of Enos Lane and Rosedale highway in West Bakersfield.

But phone records retrieved the next day show Coriell was in the area of Eucalyptus drive when his daughter went missing. His location there, completely contradicted his statement to investigators that he was on the west side of town.

Coriell's boss also told investigators coriell had not been to work in three days and that there was no work related reason for him to be east of highway 99 and anywhere south of the Kern River.

That following day, Coriell sent his wife a text messages saying "I love you goodbye" and that he wanted to die, had been sexually assaulted in the past, and that he wanted the Sheriff's Office to shoot him or he would shoot himself.

He then barricaded himself in his home for seven hours during a swat standoff, afterwhich he finally surrendered.

He now faces the possibility of spending life in prison if found guilty.

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