Record Breaking College Acceptance Rate Among Miramonte High School Students

Miramonte: Nearly A Quarter Of Students Accepted Into CSUB- More Than Any Local Public High School

Miramonte High School is graduating its first senior class this year.

But thats not all they're celebrating.

The senior class is breaking a high school district record when it comes to college acceptances.

UCLA, Stanford, Brown University, UC Berkely, Cornell, UC Merced, USC and UC Davis are just a few of the universities Miramonte High School seniors have been accepted to.

Out of 430 seniors, 92 were accepted to Cal State Bakersfield.

"That's more than any other school in the district," said Miramonte High School Counselor Emilee Gonzalves.

40 students were accepted to UC Merced.

Six to UCLA.

"Very few schools get any kids accepted into UCLA," said Gonzalves.

More than a dozen got into a UC and a few into ivy league schools.

"From the get-go they've been an extraordinary class. When I began looking over their transcripts I was amazed," said Gonzalves.

Southeast Bakersfield is one of Kern County's most economically disadavantaged areas.

Many students are the first in their family to go to college.

"I'm the first to do it and that's what motivated me to do it," said 12th grader Grecia Rivera.

"My brother dropped out of school at 14 to help support the family and my father can't work and my mother is a labor worker in the fields," said 12th grader Georgina Terrones.

Terrones says the importance of college struck her when her mother was nearly deported.

"I remember all of us in panic and I hated it so I decided to try my hardest and I got involved in school as much as possible. The thing that motivated me the most is that I can give back everything my family gave to me because they made a lot of sacrifices so I could get ahead. I feel like not trying my hardest would be wasting my opportunity," said Terrones.

An opportunity well used by these students.

Grecia Rivera says her dream has been to attend Brown University.

"So when I opened the letter and saw I was accepted it was kind of like a dream come true. I saw my hard work pay off," said Rivera.

A payoff she says fellow students can have.

"I hope they can understand that the only thing that's going to hold them back is themselves," said Rivera.

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