Sheriff: Insulted, Offended By Evidence-Tampering Insinuation

David Turner's Family, Attorney Question Surveillance Video Of Shooting

The attorney for David Turner's family held a press conference today to announce their plans for a lawsuit and their reaction to the surveillance video released by the sheriff that has 5 seconds missing -- the exact time Turner was shot and killed by deputies.

"I would ask you and your viewers to scratch their head in wonder that the most essential critical portion of that tape is missing. If that doesn't lead you to believe there is something rotten in Bakersfield, nothing will," said attorney Gerson Horn.

Turner's family say they saw a surveillance video that shows the entire shooting.

"It does not show any seconds missing," said Turner's daughter Jerrica Cordova.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood says he's insulted by the insinuation.

"That's insulting and offensive. In the last two or three years, look at how many deputies we have investigated for criminal activity and arrested them and put them in jail, so why would we all of a sudden do something corrupt?" said Youngblood.

Youngblood says the reason for a gap in the video is because the surveillance cameras have motion sensors. "In this particular case, at the most inopportune time, the camera shut itself off. (It was because of) lack of motion and then came back on," said Youngblood.

"If the police department and sheriff's were to tell you the earth is flat, you wouldn't necessarily believe it," said Horn.

"There are ways to find out if the tapes have been tampered with, and I welcome them to do that," said Youngblood.

Turner's family and attorneys now plan to file a federal lawsuit for deprivation of civil rights and wrongful death.

"Mr. Turner was guilty of no crime. He was searched unreasonably without provocation. He was assaulted by police while his back was turned and shot like a dog on the street," said Horn.

"I feel Kern County will become responsible for action in this video. Justice will not be unseen," said Cordova.

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