Woman Claims Local Market Sold Her Rotten Meat

Woman Says Vallarta Market Sold Her Spoiled Meat, Won't Refund Her $3

Buyer beware. That's what a local woman is urging the public after she claims she unknowingly purchased spoiled meat at a local market.

A woman who asked only to be identified as "Gloria" says she purchased pork spareribs from the Vallarta market on Niles Street and Mount Vernon on Saturday. Before buying the meat, Gloria says she asked the butcher if the ribs were fresh.

"He stated 'None of our meat is rotten,'" said Gloria.

So she went ahead and bought more than a pound of ribs. "I got home and took out the meat because I was going to season it. And once I opened the bag, it smelled really bad," said Gloria.

Not only did is smell bad, it also looked bad. She pointed out areas where fat and meat were brown or black. When she called to complain to the store manager, "She was speechless. She didn't know what to say because I told her 'Don't you have policies to check your meat?' And she stated they did and obviously they don't," said Gloria.

Then she says the manager hung up on her. Calls to Vallarta's corporate office from 23 ABC were not returned. So 23 ABC went to the market where the manager told us off camera that their meat is fresh and they are not responsible for what happens to it when it leaves the store.

But this isn't the first complaint on the market. Gloria says the same thing happened to her aunt recently. The Environmental Health Department says the last complaint for spoiled food at Vallarta was in December.

If you purchase food you believe to be spoiled from a market or restaurant, you are encouraged to call code compliance to launch a complaint and investigation. Their number is 321-3000.

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