Deputies Eradicate $26M In Marijuana

On Tuesday, Deputies assigned to the Kern County Sheriff's Office Major Violators Unit were assisted by Agents of the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service.

Deputies executed a search warrant on BLM property near Erskine Creek, which is approximately seven miles southwest of Lake Isabella.

Deputies and Agents located and eradicated approximately 4100 Marijuana plants, the KCSD reported.

The grow appeared to have been abandoned and many of the plants were dying or were dead from lack of water.

Deputies located a separate Marijuana garden approximately one mile away. They served a separate search warrant for this garden, the KCSD reported.

Deputies located and eradicated 2406 Marijuana plants, the KCSD reported.

The plants were healthy and appeared to be freshly watered. Deputies followed a water line from the garden. The water line which was partially buried, led to a residential property approximately a half mile away, the KCSD reported.

The property had a small residential camper, water tanks, and other storage campers and sheds on it. Deputies obtained and served a search warrant for the property, the KCSD reported.

Deputies located several pounds of processed Marijuana, waterline, fertilizer, two Marijuana plants, and six rifles on the property, the KCSD reported.

The owner of the property could not be located initially. This investigation is continuing.

The estimated value of the seized Marijuana is $26,000,000.

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