Deputies Seize Over $11.3M In Marijuana

On Tuesday morning, deputies assigned to the Kern County Sheriff's Office Major Violator Unit served a search warrant at Cottonwood Creek which is in a remote area of Eastern Kern County near Skyline Ranch.

The area is located in the foothills near Kelso Valley Road.

Deputies were assisted by a Ranger from the Bureau of Land Management and a U.S. Forest Service Agent. Deputies discovered three Marijuana plots near each other.

The suspects had already harvested more than fifty percent of the plants.

Deputies seized the remaining 2829 Marijuana plants. One of the plots of plants was located on BLM property while the other two were on private property.

The suspects were not present when the warrant was served. The suspects' two campsites near the gardens appeared to be recently abandoned.

Two partially dismantled tents were located. Trash, decaying food, fertilizers, small propane tanks, dirty clothing, and other items were scattered throughout the campsites.

The estimated value of the seized Marijuana is $11,316,000 This investigation is continuing.

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