Dog Burned In Canyon Fire Up For Adoption

Oscar, The Dog Who Received Third-Degree Burns, Needs A New Home

During this summer's Canyon Fire, 23 ABC met Oscar, a dog that suffered third-degree burns while running with his owner from the flames.

After Oscar was treated for his burns he was placed in the care of a rescue organization in Tehachapi called Marley's Mutts. His stay was supposed to be short because Oscar's owner planned to take him back, but two months later, the rescue still has the dog.

"He's a happy go-lucky, very happy dog," said Zach Skow, the owner of Marley's Mutts. "We go on bike rides and I let the leash dangle from him. He likes to go on the skateboard."

This is a whole new world Oscar is adjusting to now that Skow has taken him in.

"He's just an awesome dog," said Skow. "(He's) really well assimilated, surprisingly so because he was really freaky at first. He had never been indoors. (He wasn't) potty trained at all. He had to learn everything."

23 ABC first met Oscar on Sept.5 at Bakersfield Veterinarian Hospital where he was being treated for the burns he got during the Canyon Fire.

"His undercarriage was completely burnt -- his face, his ears, his tail, back of his legs-- all (were) in really bad shape," said Skow when asked how Oscar was when he got him.

After being released, Marley's Mutts took him in. At the time Oscar's owner Tim Shirey was going to take him back, but now Oscar is up for adoption.

"Tim is very grateful," said Skow. "(He) loves his dog obviously, and wants the best for him. (He) decided to let us try and find him the best home possible."

23 abc talked to Shirey by phone on Friday and he said he thought the rescue could provide Oscar with more than he could and did what was best for the dog.

Skow is now hoping that for Oscar the best is still to come.

"The best thing for him is to find him a family, someone who can love him and cherish him, and spend time with him," said Skow. "He's just so good around dogs (and) around kids. He's got this amazing personality. The best thing for him is to share that with somebody else rather than keep him in a kennel."

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