Explorer Program Helps Teens Prepare For Their Career

Program Started Last November

Seniors from Tehachapi High School just graduated a week ago, but some of them are already preparing for life after college by studying the medical profession through Tehachapi Hospital’s Explorer Program.

The hospital started their Explorer Program last November.

It gives kids age 14-20 a chance to get some real hands-on training in the medical field.

Each explorer has to work 80 hours during the school year and so they have to balance not only school with their social life, but also with work.

And these kids sure do work.

From changing the beds and washing dishes to helping with ultrasounds and wrapping wounds, these explorers get a chance to do it all.

Nurse Educator Gayle Kuhar said, "We send them through every department in the hospital so they can realize that there is a lot more to a hospital then just the nursing part of it, or the labs or the X-rays, that it takes housekeeping, it takes dietary. We all have to work as a group to make a hospital function.”

Training in every department isn’t only to understand what it takes to run a hospital, but it also exposes the explorers to different careers they may or may not want to pursue.

The Explorer Program at Tehachapi Hospital runs year-around.

If you would like more information you can contact the hospital at 661-823-3009.

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