KCFD Works With Kids At Camp Blue Jay

Camp Blue Jay has been coming to Tehachapi every year since 1975, and this year, with the help of a new volunteer nurse, the community is also getting involved with this life-changing camp.

First-time volunteer nurse Pamala McCarver said, "I think this is critically important for our community to have a camp where these kids can go for one week, feel like they are just like everyone else, experiencing nature like all the other kids.”

To make the kids' stay extra special, McCarver, with the help of her husband, arranged for a show and tell with the local fire crews and police officers.

Kern County Fire Department Capt. Randy McCarver said, "She asked me as her husband if the fire department was able to put in some input and equipment to show the children and we were able to put together with the local stations, the helicopter, a couple engines and the police department.”

And the kids were excited to get up close and personal with the crews, equipment and especially Helicopter 408.

Camper Walter Tallan said, "I can’t wait to see the helicopter because I have never seen a helicopter inside so, and it was fun checking out the police man and how they do stuff.”

The Society for Disabled Children who put on Camp Blue Jay said it’s events like this that the kids look forward to every year.

Boys' Camp Director Devin Rossiter said, "This is their chance to get to know kids just like them, to relate to each other and to participate in these activities that they wouldn’t normally have a chance to try out.”

And the campers are not shy to tell you just how much they enjoy Camp Blue Jay.

Sarah Churchwell said, "It's really fun." Fellow camper Dawn Albritton said, "It's awesome. It was amazing."

And Morgan Harlow said, "I love camp, this is like my favorite camp on the face of the planet.”

And while this was the first year the fire and police departments got involved with Camp Blue Jay, McCarver and her husband said they hope to do this every year for the campers.

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