Rankin Ranch: Escape From Reality

Rankin Ranch Was Established In 1863

Rankin Ranch has been a working cattle ranch since 1863, and in 1965 a guest ranch was opened.

The Rankins say not much has changed since then but it’s just that, getting back to the good ol’ days that keep guests coming back.

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  • Rankin Ranch is located in the valley of Walker Basin and while the ranch is over 30,000 acres, the guest ranch, which is made up of only 14 cabins, provides an intimate feeling for the guests.

    Most guests said when you’re at Rankin Ranch, you feel like you’re family and that is what keeps many guests coming back year after year.

    Michael Storosh and his two kids have been coming to the ranch every summer for the last 10 years.

    “A lot of people ask me, ‘why do you keep going back to the same place, what is it up there? It’s a dude ranch right?' Storosh said. "I say, 'no, it really isn’t, it’s more like coming up here and visiting family.”

    One reason it may feel like coming home is because it is family run.

    Bill and Glenda are fourth-generation Rankins and they run the ranch with the help of their kids and grandkids.

    While it is hard work running a ranch, the family wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Fifth-generation Sarah Wilder said, "It doesn’t seem like work because you feel very proud in what you do all day, every day. Whether it’s with the cattle ranch, or the guest ranch, you’re here enjoying this wonderful peaceful place and sharing it with others so they can enjoy it as well.”

    But the ranch offers more than just rest and relaxation, it has a long list of activities from hikes to horseback riding to fishing plus every evening has a different planned event.

    One thing you won’t find at the ranch is cell phone service or televisions which for most, is a welcomed change.

    Fouth generation Glenda Rankin said, "It takes maybe an afternoon, the next day they are telling you, ‘Oh, I am so glad no one can get a hold of me. This is so nice being so remote, that we can actually relax and have a good time, not worry about things going on in the city and it’s still there when we get home.’"

    While the ranch takes you back to a simpler time, that doesn’t mean kids will be bored.

    The ranch has a kids program that entertains them all day long.

    From arts and crafts to kids horserides to making homemade ice cream and playing in the creek, they’ll have plenty to do.

    Joyce Chambers and her husband brought their three grandkids to the ranch, and she said, "We’ve been to other paces with the children, I mean, we’ve been to some fun places, we took them to Malaysia to snorkel, they like this. They really like this best of all.”

    With the sprawling meadows, cozy cabins, and sweet solitude you would never know the city of Bakersfield is only an hour drive away.

    If you would like more information on the ranch, you can visit their Web site at www.RankinRanch.com.

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