School Board Recall Election Has 3 Official Candidates

Three candidates have officially applied according to the Kern County Elections Department and they are Chuck Hansen, Diane Peterson and Chris Duff.

While some may criticize the lack of canidates, Friends of the Recall said having only three candidates could prove to be beneficial.

Tim Trujillo said, "We think it’s a good thing that we have three candidates. In fact, it allows people to focus on a very distinct either or kind or option when they go into the ballot place, or I should say the polling place to cast their ballot.”

The recall effort began last March when popular Jacobsen Middle School principal Eric Triguiero, who is no longer with the district, was demoted, and no reason from the school board was given to the public.

Friends of the Recall spent many months gathering over 4,000 valid signatures in order to hold a recall election, and they are hopeful the three board members will be recalled.

“The incumbents have left such a trail of mismanagement and malfeasance in doing their job that to me, it’s a very simple decision process as long as the voter feels the replacement candidate it qualified," said Trujillo.

KERO ABC23 spoke to two of the official candidates Chuck Hansen, who is the president of Tehachapi High Schools Booster Club and Chris Duff, a former teacher, and both agree saying they hope to be elected to bring the focus back on the students and earn back the community’s trust.

Hanson said, "We need to just move on and start focusing on those things, and quit worrying about recalls, and who is and isn’t doing their jobs and start focusing 100 percent of our time making the district the best district for the students and the parents and the teachers.”

Duff said, "I am willing to become a part of the solution. Put everything behind us and let’s move forward. And a new board can use what happened to help them. They can bring the focus back to focusing on what is best for the kids. And I know trust has to be re-established and respect.”

The moment of truth will be on March 9 when the voters will officially be able to decide whether or not to recall Mary Graham, Patty Snyder and Holly Hart.

And while the deadline has passed to be an official candidate, if you are interested, you can still be a write-in.

But you will still need to apply at the Kern County Elections Department in Bakersfield.

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