Teacher Arrested For Oral Copulation With Minors

Amber Failla, 36, was arrested on Friday for having sexual encounters with several of her California City High School students.

On Friday, the California City Police Department went to her home on Basil Place in Tehachapi and arrested the math teacher.

She is accused of oral copulation of minors under 16 years old and for sending harmful and excplicit matter to minors.

23 ABC spoke to a 15-year-old who lives across the street from Failla, She said she is disgusted by the allegations.

"I think it's wrong and disgusting. They aren't supposed to do things with you, they are supposed to give you advice, and they aren't supposed to be your boyfriend or girlfriend and be that kind of a relationship. They are supposed to be more of a friend relationship than anything else," said neighbor Andrea Ordaz.

Police obtained a search warrant at her home and seized computers and cellphones.

Investigators said Failla's relationships with the students date back to over a year.

Lisa Gilbert, the superintendent of the Tehachapi Unified School district, said Failla was a substitute teacher in Tehachapi from July 2007 through July 2010.

At this point neither the school district nor the Tehachapi police department have received any complaints filed against Failla.

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