Tehachapi Girl Scout Troop Helping Rescued Horses

A Local Troop Is Bringing Awareness To Horses Taken In By A Dog Rescue

On Jan. 9, 23 ABC reported the story of 12 horses that had been rescued from animal control and brought to Tehachapi to be rehabilitated. On Monday, a Girl Scout Troop is helping raise money for the horses.

"Everybody knows Girls Scouts from Girl Scout cookies," said Zach Skow, owner of Marley's Mutts. "Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies? They also do a wide array of projects and programs, that when they support, a lot of people get involved."

The troop's latest project is the horses taken in by Marley's Mutts, a Tehachapi dog rescue. On Friday, the rescue took in an additional three horses, bringing their total to 15.

This week, Troop 008 is working with Hemme Hay, a feed store in Tehachapi. The store is discounting bails of hay that are bought and donated by the community.

"It'll have a great impact," said Skow. "Anytime you have an undertaking like this, it requires a community effort."

Community support is one thing Skow said is not lacking.

"We have no shortage of people willing to help," he said. "It's not like I'm sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring or I'm looking at my inbox on my email. I'm inundated so there's a lot of support."

While the support is there from those like the Girl Scouts, Skow said the supplies need to keep coming so they can get the horses back to health.

"We do need a lot of feed, and and we're going to need that for a long period of time," said Skow. "We're going to have these horses for months. We're hopefully going to continue this process. This is not a one-time thing. We'll hopefully keep doing this in the months to come."

On Jan. 21, the Girl Scout troop will load up all the hay donated this week and deliver it to the locations where the horses are being housed.

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