Tehachapi Salvation Army Feeds Local Families

Some Regulars Said They've Had Their Health Restored By The Organization's Giving

Each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the Salvation Army goes to the local Albertson’s to pick up food, but it's not your typical food bank food like rice, beans, and canned goods.

The store donates bread, fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches just to name a few.

And the type of food donated varies by not only the season, but sometimes even the day.

Albertson's Fresh Rescue Coordinator Sotereos Lulias said, "Because of this program we are getting nutritional aspects of a good, solid diet out there. Meat, deli, dairy, produce, and service deli items that non-profits usually don’t receive or see."

Every weekday except for Wednesday, low-income families can come to the Salvation Army, do their grocery shopping and get items from every food group promising a balanced diet.

Some regulars said the Fresh Rescue program has improved their health.

“I guess I am feeling so well because I feed well. Because of the fruits and vegetables I get here. I couldn’t afford to buy that stuff at the store," said Efrain Peña.

One woman also said she lost nearly 50 pounds since eating a balanced diet through the Fresh Rescue program.

The program works by donating foods that are reaching their sell by dates instead of throwing it away.

Tehachapi Salvation Army coordinator Marget Willer said the program has provided low income families with a consistent food source.

“To get fresh fruit and vegetables, in a wide variety and good quality it makes all the different in the world. It’s a great program. It provides great food and good quality, it’s really meeting the need,” said Willer.

Through the fresh rescue program, the Tehachapi Salvation Army is able to provide nutritional food to anywhere between 30 and 100 families each day.

All low income families in the Tehachapi area are able to participate in the program.

If you would like to see if you or your family qualifies, you can call them at 661-823-9508.

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