Drivers Ask For End To Deadly Intersection

Two fatal accidents in a just more than two months at an intersection in Wasco has drivers asking for a four-way stop.

Two fatal accidents in just over two months have occurred at the intersection of McCombs Road and Palm Avenue in Wasco, one Thursday afternoon, the other in June.

In both accidents, a big rig ran the stop sign on McCombs, broadsiding cars traveling on Palm, which does not have a stop sign.

Drivers said the intersection is very dangerous.

"The problem is drivers don't stop the way they are supposed to," said Martha Cordero who drives through the intersection daily.

Viewers on 23 ABC's Facebook page said the same.

Francisco Veronica Cano wrote, "They always run the stop sign at that intersection."

Daniel Lara wrote, "Truck drivers drive like if they are driving sport cars on the freeway."

"I think a traffic light would be good because when it's dark you can't see the signs or anything," said Cordero.

Gennie Simco wrote on Facebook, "How many people have to die here let's get a 4 way stop here?"

But it's not so easy.

Barry Nienke of the County Roads Department said according to state roads regulation policy, there must be three accidents at an intersection within 12 months to warrant an investigation.

Thursday's accident was the third one for the intersection since January.

"We'll take a look at it and see if sight distance is an issue, (if) we have stop aheads to see if we have controls out there and if anything else is needed," said Nienke.

As for installing an all- or four-way stop, Nienke said state policy requires five broadside accidents within 12 months.

"That's alarming to people but if we didn't look at it that way we'd be putting stop signs everywhere every time there was an accident," said Nienke.

Nienke said different traffic volume, direction and type of accident determines what type of traffic control is placed at an intersection.

So while they investigate, "Everybody needs to slow down out there," said Nienke.

Nienke said it will take at least three to four weeks after an investigation before something is done at the intersection.

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