Family Killed In Car Crash On Highway 99

Tire Defect Blamed For Accident

According to the California Highway Patrol, four people died in a car accident on Sunday afternoon.

Around 3:30 p.m., an SUV traveling north on Highway 99 near Pond Road rolled after a tire blew out.

There were six people in the vehicle.

Estella Castillo, 63; Juan Castillo, 11; Lino Castillo, 65; Yolanda Castillo 38 were pronounced dead at the scene and the other two were taken to area hospitals with moderate to major injuries.

The train tracks on the side of the highway were closed down because of the vehicles close proximity to them.

There is no word on whether the victims were wearing seat belts, but the CHP said two were ejected from the vehicle.

The CHP wants to remind people to always check their air pressure before getting behind the wheel.

"Even in cooler temperatures, if you have under-inflated tires, it causes a lot of heat on the sidewalls of the tires," said Sgt. Vincent Pagano with the CHP. "That's generic for everybody. So always be checking the tire air pressure, especially on hot days like this."

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