3 Women Claim They Were Drugged In Northwest Bakersfield Bar

Possible Date Rape Drug Used On Unexpecting Women

Two women contacted 23 ABC wanting to warn others who visit bars in northwest Bakersfield. They said their drinks were spiked with something that made them lose consciousness.

Then 23ABC found a third victim who was at a different bar in the Rosedale area who was complaining about the same thing.

An evening out on the town quickly turned sour for the three separate women at two different bars on Friday the 17th.

All the women said they were slipped some sort of drug in their drink and as it turned out, all the alleged incidents happened on the same night.

"I have no recollection of anything, a complete blackout," said another victim, Terra Gaines.

"I don't know how I got home, I knew something was seriously wrong," said another victim Marcy McGuire.

Medical experts say those are common indications that somebody was given the drug Rohypnol, which is known as a "date rape" drug. Rohypnol is not available in the United States, but there are other drugs available in the U.S. that can cause similar effects.

"There are at least four offhand that I can think of that are used on the street, and there is a long list of possible medications used for that," said Dr. Justin Perlman, Kern Medical Center.

The women say they’re not the only ones who have been victimized recently.

"There are four or five cases of this happening in the last two weeks," said an unnamed victim.

Gaines and McGuier came forward because they want to warn the community about the dangers.

"This is happening more so than people ever would've thought and it's frightening,” said Gaines.

The woman who didn’t want to be identified, is a bartender and says she knows what can happen if you don't watch your drink like a hawk.

"I was next to my drink; I set it down and was standing next to it. When you are dancing, you move around a little bit, your eyes are not focused completely on what you are drinking. All it took was a quick, split 30 seconds for somebody to get to my drink, said the unnamed victim.

"Don't leave your drink unattended we never left unattended, but we had seen a couple that we knew, we just turned around and it only takes a second and that's what happened," said McGuire.

Luckily, all the women say had someone they knew who came to their aid and got them home, but they are still wondering why this happened.

"I don’t know if the intent was to rob us, take our money or credit cards, or worse, possibly raped us," said Gaines.

The women say they didn't report the incident to law enforcement right away because they all got home safe and nothing serious happened.

"It doesn't matter if you have specifics, whether it was a sexual abuse or rape; it's an abuse for someone to give you a medication without your agreement" said Pearlman.

Gaines consulted with law enforcement later and was told that because of the nature of the drug, evidence is out of your system so quickly that it is so hard to prove.

McGuire was still sick two day later and ended up going to the emergency room to seek medical attention.

“In northwest Bakersfield, there is somebody out there drugging women and you shouldn't have to worry about having this happen to you when you go out to have a good time with your friends,” said McGuire.

Law enforcement said, make sure you never leave your drinks unattended and if your drink turns to an unexpected color, be very suspicious. The drug Rohypnol turns blue when it comes in contact with liquid.

Medical experts said, if you suspect you were given a drug in your drink, seek emergency medical attention right away.

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