Big West Refinery May Not Be Leaving Bakersfield

There are signs of life for the Big West Refinery on Rosedale Highway.

Flying J, the parent company of Big West, announced late Tuesday that it has agreed to sell the refinery to a Dallas based energy company, which could revive the dormant refinery.

Alon USA has agreed to buy Big West.

Alon has a facility in Paramount, in the LA area, and they said in a press release Tuesday that they plan to connect the two facilities by pipeline and send oil from Paramount to be refined in Bakersfield.

The sale is subject to an auction process, bankruptcy court approval and regulatory approval.

Big West filed for bankruptcy and early last year laid off several hundred people and essentially shut down.

That downfall came not long after a large expansion was completed.

Alon is expected to pay $40 million plus inventory for the facility.

But that amount does not ensure Alon will actually buy Big West, according to the union that represents hourly employees.

Ed Huhn of the United Steel Workers said the auction process means another company now has 45 days to match or exceed Alon's bid.

It is his understanding that Alon is the only company that has expressed serious interest in buying big west and he hopes the purchase goes through.

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