Local Plastic Surgeon Helps Man Save Face

Patient Is Left With His Skull Placed In Stomach

Back in April 2008, Lee Lyle was riding his motorcycle on Niles Street in east Bakersfield when he was cut off by a car. That accident landed him in the hospital with sever head trauma.

Doctors had to remove a part of Lee's skull because of bleeding and swelling. His skull was placed in his stomach while he was recovering.

But over the last year, the Lyle family said they have gone through a nightmare with Kern Medical Center to finish the work because they could not pay the medical bills. In the mean time Lee walks around with the right side of his skull still in his stomach and an indentation on his head. Local plastic surgeon Dr. Vipul Dev heard of the family’s hardship and decided to put Lee's skull back on his head, for free.

Dev said he is doing the work for free because it is all about giving back to the community. The procedure would cost more than $30,000 if the Lyle family paid for it.

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