Man Carries Cross To Help Youth

A Bakersfield man is carrying a cross through Kern County to raise awareness to help young people stay off drugs.

Steve Fox was a man that made some decisions that landed him in prison years ago. Now he is on a new path, carrying a cross to keep others from making the same mistakes he did.

He is walking with the cross to raise awareness to start a youth camp he is calling Soldier Camp.

He is carrying the 200-pound cross the entire length of the county, which is about 105 miles long. His aim for the camp is to keep troubled youth off drugs and give them purpose.

"I want to bring these kids in to show them how to frame, show them how to weld, show them how to work out. Show them that God created them to live, act, walk and talk like a champion. If he could do that for me and bring me through eight prisons and bring me through drug abuse, he could do it for them," said Fox.

He started at the county line in Delano Sunday traveling through Oildale Monday and will end his journey in Frazier Park.

Ironically, Fox' 11-by-6-foot cross has the same dimensions as his prison cell did. If you would like to get more information about his cause you can call 661- 428 -1542.

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