Man Who Admitted Eating Cats Is Released From Jail

Man Struck Plea Deal With Prosecutors

The man accused of eating cats at his Oildale home is a free man after reaching a plea deal.

Jason Wilmert, 35, pleaded no contest to eating animals commonly kept as a pet/companion. In exchange, prosecutors dropped the animal cruelty charge. He was released on time served and given three years probation. He was ordered to complete 40 hours of community service and get mental health treatment.

People who live near Wilmert are upset he was able to cut a deal and be released from jail. They say he needs to be locked up to keep their neighborhood and their pets safe.

"I don’t feel like he should have been released. He shouldn't be doing that. It’s gross," said one neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

"First thing I wanted to do is throw up. It made me sick to my stomach," neighbor Diane Headley said.

People here are still sharing stories of what they saw and heard coming from Wilmert’s house.

"I had been outside and I had heard kittens crying and it seemed like down the street so I came outside to find it and I couldn't find it anywhere," said the unidentified neighbor.

Headley has six cats of her own and says her neighbor’s cat recently came up missing.

"He came home with a broken tail. He left again. When he came back, he had an injured leg and then he just never returned," Headley said.

Neighbors say Wilmert would grill on a makeshift fire every day. They worry if Wilmert comes back he will return to his old habits.

"He’s not in the right mind. He needs to be in a mental institute. He needs to be out of my neighborhood," Headley said.

People who live here are worried Wilmert’s behaviors could get worse and he could start targeting larger prey.

"It could have started from small animals to cats and dogs and it could possibly escalate later on to, possibly, human," the unidentified neighbor said.

Now some want to start a petition to get Wilmert out of the neighborhood.

"I plan to take further action and possibly get a petition to have him relocated or be moved out of his home," the unidentified neighbor said.

"I think that’s great. I think we all need to sign it and get it going and get him out of here," Headley said.

The district attorney's office says as part of his probation Wilmert will have to show proof to the court that he has gone to Kern Mental Health for treatment. If he doesn't, a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

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