Man With Repaired Skull Doing Well

Lyle Saw His Head In A Whole New Way

The man who had his head reconstructed was able to have the bandages removed Monday.

For the first time in over a year, Lee Lyle's head is back in one piece because a local doctor donated his time and skills to put his head back together.

Dr. Vipul Dev who is a local plastic and reconstructive surgeon removed the bandages Monday morning and said the healing process is right on track.

On June 26, Dev and his team performed an abdominal skull flap removal for cranial replacement surgery repairing Lyle’s skull.

Monday morning after the bandages were removed, Lyle was amazed when he was able to see his round head again.

For over a year, there was a huge indentation on the side his head because of a motorcycle accident back in April 2008.

Lyle said he was wearing a helmet.

Because of the intense swelling, doctors had to remove part of his skull to relieve pressure, and to keep the piece of skull alive, placed it into his belly. But after he was healed, the initial medical bills added up to over $250,000.

Since the Lyle family was unable to pay for the surgery that pieced Lyle back together, he was left with a disfigured head for over a year.

Dev heard of the families difficulties and did the reconstructive surgery for free and Memorial Hospital waived their fees as well.

Dev said, "It's always a good feeling, but it’s our job. We are supposed be doing this kind of stuff. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons have a responsibility. This work is reconstructive, we do a lot of cosmetic work, which is great and just as satisfying, but this is extra special. It changes how he lives his life every day.”

Lyle said, “(My head) is nice and round. All I ever wanted is to have Humpty Dumpty put back together again."

The staples in Lyle's head will be taken out next week and will be back to his normal life very soon.

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