Police: Motorcycle Rider Killed By Vehicle

Family Dealing With Loss Tries To Raise Money

Family and friends of a 20-year-old who lost her life in a car accident over the weekend held a car wash Tuesday to help raise money for funeral expenses.

Charla Wilkins was doing what she loved when, police say her life was taken away by 20-year-old Annamarie Reynosa at Jewetta Avenue and Reina Road.

Now, all the family can do is stay busy and try to get enough money to cover the cost of her burial.

Family said Charla Wilkins had a passion for riding motorcycles, but it wasn't the thrill of speed that took her life. It was a driver who had allegedly been drinking and slammed into her as she was stopped.

"My baby is not breathing anymore because that driver was not paying attention," said Barbara Wilkins, Charla Wilkins' mother.

Police said initial reports show alcohol did not play a factor in the accident, but said Reynosa had a slight amount of alcohol in her system. Family members say something needs to be done because Reynosa shouldn't have had any alcohol at all because she in underage.

"I went to the accident scene. There were no skid marks. She was going over the speed limit. If she had a beer, she is underage, she drank. I am nobody to judge and I won't judge. Except, when a life is taken, judgment will come on you," said Darrell Wilkins, Charla Wilkins' father.

The family wants to use the accident to send a message to the community.

"We want every driver that's behind the wheel to know that they're sharing the road with these motorcycles. They're a little hard to see sometimes, and you have to watch everywhere you go," said Barbara Wilkins.

As the family washed cars to raise the $4,000 to cover the cost of the funeral, they spoke of the joy Charla Wilkins brought to the world around her. Other family members want to keep a positive outlook and know that Reynosa must be going through hard times.

"I was trying to picture where her mindset must be right now. My niece is no longer alive, and that girl has to live with that for the rest of her life. We don't need to say anything bad about her, because what she must be going through, is going to be enough. She is going to have to live with that for the rest of her life," said Letha Goodgion, Charla Wilkins' aunt.

The family will be holding the car wash in the parking lot of Auto Sounds at Brundage Lane at South Myrtle the rest of the week or until they raise enough money.

The memorial service will be held Friday in Oildale. An account has been established at Kern Schools Federal Credit Union under the account name Charla Wilkins Memorial Fund.

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