Second-Hand Halloween Costumes Make Resurgence

Week Economy Causes More People To Buy Used Costumes

Due to the weak economy, the only thing scary about Halloween this year is the price of costumes for many looking to be decked out on the 31st.

Bakersfield Workware and Costumes on Roberts Lane sells second-hand costumes and workers are seeing a surge of customers looking for a deal.

Store owner Sonja Talmantes says her customers are not being scared away by the prices.

People typically wear a Halloween costume only once and usually spend between $40 to $60, but Talmantes says now many are looking into used costumes and pay at least half that price.

"I started the business because I had two small kids of my own and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume they wear once, in the dark," said Talmantes.

The store has 6,000 square feet of space of costumes for adults and children. Adults can mix and match to fit their costume needs or buy one of many second-hand complete ensembles. Kids can choose from one of many characters. They have a variety, including Winnie The Pooh characters and Alice In Wonderland.

One customer said she didn't wanted to be robbed by high prices and decided to be a cop for Halloween this year.

"It’s really cool here. Even though I work and have enough money to buy a new costume, who wants to spend a lot of money. I am only going to wear it one time; it's in really good shape and why not spent half the money. I already went and checked out how much this costume cost brand new, they were like $65 or $70," said Natalia Flores, customer.

If you are looking to save even more money and you have a used costume in good shape, the retailer will give you a discount when you purchase.

"We will do a trade; it saves the customer some money and we are recycling as well," said Talmantes.

Over at Goodwill on Coffee Road, they can't keep Halloween costumes in stock.

"So people have caught on that they can get a bargain deal and you feel good about it at the same time because you are helping people in need," said Ken Beurmann, vice president of business at Goodwill Industries.

Goodwill has a large supply of costumes and accessories. For example you can find a Halloween mask that retails for $14.99; you can pick it up at Goodwill for $4.99.

"Your kids are going to wear their costume only once, so donate it back to Goodwill in the future and it will help someone else," said Beurmann.

Goodwill and Bakersfield Workware and Costumes say they have plenty of costumes to go around for their customers. They can pick not only what fits them, but their budget as well.

Bakersfield Workwear and Costumes is located at 323 Roberts Lane in Oildale. There number is 661-549-0683.

There are many Goodwill locations around Bakersfield, call 661-615-6065 for the nearest location.

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