Smart Meter Blows Up At Business

Employees Question Safety

The PG&E Smart Meter has come under fire recently because some customers said their bills have skyrocketed since the new meter was installed, but one north of the river business said their Smart Meter had blown up.

Some employees at Henry M.M. Engines said their Smart Meter caught fire, which sparked concern and questioned the safety of these new meters. On Wednesday, a PG&E technician was called out to replace the meter after employees found the device burned up and lying on the ground.

"Basically it was an explosion. I saw the meter on the ground and the face plate was blew off and the whole meter was blackened. Even the breaker box that housed the meter was blackened by what seemed to be an electrical short," said Vernon Nelson, an employee.

Another employee wondered how safe the meters are in general, especially for residential families?

ABC 23 contacted PG&E who said they are not aware of any smart meters catching fire or blowing up. However the PG&E technician told the employee as he was replacing the meter, that he had replaced at least 15 meters around town due to the same problem they had, said an employee.

"I wonder how many houses have burned down because of these Smart Meters catching fire?" said Nelson.

The fire department said there may have been some minor incidents of a meter burning up, but there were no confirmed house fires due to the meter itself. PG&E officials said they are investigating the problem at Henry M.M Engines, but so far are not sure as to why the meter seemed to be burned up at the plant.

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