Surgeon Tweets In Operating Room

A local doctor is on the cutting edge of technology, but it's not the scalpel that is unique.

The thought might shock most, but by medical estimates, more than 100 hospitals have some kind of Twitter account and 82 hospitals have Facebook pages.

And a local plastic and reconstructive surgeon has jumped on the social networking band wagon.

Have you ever wanted to know what really goes on in an operating room? Well now that desire is a reality. Dr. Vipul Dev, is using the ever popular communication site to tweet during surgeries.

It might sound far-fetched, but doctors are finding new ways to make medicine catch up with technology. In Detroit, medical students can follow their professors during brain surgery. Click Here To Watch Video

The Mayo Clinic recently had a tweet camp for doctors who want to know more about this form of communication.

Some medical experts say if the medical profession is going to be relevant and effective in the future, it needs to keep up with this upcoming standard on communication.

Now if one would want to follow along with Dr. Dev's surgeries, he can be found on Twitter at vipmd.

Of course no patient’s surgery will be used without their consent.

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