Water Damage Destroys Keepsakes At Storage Unit

An Oildale couple is heartbroken because some keepsakes were damaged in a rented storage locker.

A lifetime of memories including a family Bible, family heirlooms and many photo albums were damaged. A-American Self Storage said they tried to work with the couple but could come to a resolution.

Beverly Stewart and Todd Lee have had their stuff stored at A-American Self Storage on Buck Owens Boulevard for about a year and a half. The couple was hit hard by the recession and had fallen behind in their payments.

Because of the nonpayment, managers at A-American told ABC 23 that they sent the couple several letters that stated that their stuff could be sold off at auction. That's when the couple pulled together more than $700 to get up to date and that's when they said they found out that most of their stuff was distorted by mold caused by leaking water.

A-American Self Storage tells ABC 23 that the couple's insurance had lapsed because on nonpayment and the couple said that no amount of insurance can replace their loss.

A-American just had their roof repaired a few weeks ago. Beverly Stewart and Todd Lee said the leaking water had been going on for a lot longer then that and say they should have been told about their damaged property. A-American said when they took a picture of the unit, they found no water damage.

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