Community Recycling To Remain Open Until Jan. 24

Lamont Public Utility District To Use Community Recycling

The Lamont Public Utility District was fresh out of ideas after its meeting Monday night failed to find a place to put millions of gallons of displaced raw sewage, but now a judge said they can use Community Recycling.

"We've looked at all the farmland around us," said board attorney Larry Peak. "Any place that would take our water, any place we can put our water and we have not been able to find anyone."

The problem escalated after the county closed down Community Recycling for unsafe practices, including the deaths of brothers 16-year-old Armando Ramirez and 22-year-old Eladio Ramirez.

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  • Officials with the PUD said they warned county officials if they closed Community Recycling, the consequences for their sewage system could be catastrophic and filed a lawsuit asking a judge to temporarily stop the closure of Community Recycling until Lamont PUD could figure out where to put its sewage.

    On Nov. 18, Lamont PUD had to ask Community Recycling to use one of its ponds to prevent an overflow of waste.

    The attorney for Lamont PUD said he asked the county on Nov. 23 to allow Community Recycling to continue operating temporarily, which would give the sewage district more time, but the county said no.

    On Tuesday, Judge Eric Bradshaw overturned that ruling and has allowed Community Recycling to remain open until Jan. 24, 2012.

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