Missing Man Could Have Frazier Park Link

Man Disappeared Six Months Ago

A man missing for six months may have been the victim of foul play, and investigators think there could be a link to Frazier Park.

Fifty-four-year-old Dennis Dobrovolny hasn't been seen since Super Bowl Sunday February 6. Now homicide detectives are asking for the public's help with the case.

It’s been six months since anyone has seen or heard from Dobrovolny. He lived in Three Points near Lake Hughes but was known to spend a lot of time in Frazier Park.

"We haven’t heard from him. Dennis has not made any contact with his family, and obviously his family is extremely concerned,” said Los Angels County Sheriff’s Office Detective Steve Lankford.

While Dobrovolny is officially listed as missing, investigators think something more sinister has probably happened to him. Detectives searched Dobrovolny's home in late February. They say they consider it a crime scene and have processed it for evidence.

"We saw that something did occur inside his trailer that indicated to us that Dennis was met with foul play," Lankford said.

Since then, detectives have worked tirelessly to reconstruct Dennis' activities in the last few days before he disappeared.

"We know Dennis was in the city of Lancaster a day or two before the Super Bowl. We know that he was with these individuals on Saturday and Sunday that last saw him,” Lankford said.

Deputies say there are only a few more people they want to talk to but they are having trouble finding them.

"There are some additional people that we are trying to track down. We are finding them difficult to locate, but it is still an ongoing investigation,” Lankford said.

Investigators have interviewed numerous people in Frazier Park about Dobrovolny's disappearance. But they say they don’t have any suspects.

Detectives are asking that if you know anything about what happened to Dobrovolny or saw him in the days before his disappearance to call them at 323-890-5500.

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