New Court Documents Reveal Calculated Killing

Details emerge about human remains found in two Bakersfield backyards.

Frank Valles thought his secret was safe, until his wife found out.

Police reports and court documents state that last month Valles' estranged wife, Consuelo Valles, set a recorder in their kitchen for three days because she thought he was cheating on her.

The recorder caught a conversation in which Frank Valles asks the family's gardner -- Pablo Medrano -- to help him move Alphonso John Hyde's corpse from his old house on Grass Creek Drive to the house he rented on Curnow Road in south Bakersfield.

He would pay Medrano $3,000 to move the body and $500 every month to keep quiet.

Medrano agreed.

Medrano later told investigators Valles bought 20 bags of horse manure from Home Depot to cover up the odor during the body transport.

Police reports state that Medrano helped Valles dig up the body from the side of the house on Grass Creek Drive.

He described the body as partially decomposed, wrapped in a blanket and buried five feet under a slab of concrete.

Medrano said Valles loaded the body into the back of a Chevy Avalanche and took it to the house on Curnow.

Medrano said they buried the body and Valles only paid him $1,000 and refused to pay more.

Medrano told investigators it all started in late June. Valles talked about what they would do to a child molester if they knew one.

According to police reports, in early July, Valles told Medrano, "I killed him, I killed my brother and buried him in my yard. I need your help."

Consuelo Valles said she also captured a recording of her husband on the phone, offering someone money to kill her.

She said when she heard that, she called Hyde's sister and sister-in-law to tell them about the recordings.

The sister and sister-in-law then filed a missing person report with the Bakersfield Police Department.

Consuelo Valles said Hyde and Frank Valles were friends for more than 20 years after meeting in jail.

She said Frank Valles was incarcerated for drug trafficking and Hyde was incarcerated for child molestation.

She said around 2006, Valles became Hyde's power of attorney after he convinced Hyde that his wife, Josie Hyde, was exploiting him and stealing his money.

Hyde received $10,000 per month in Native American tribal dividend checks.

Court documents state that Hyde has not been seen or heard from in four years, during which Valles received approximately $600,000 in dividend checks.

Consuelo Valles told investigators she believes he spent the money on women and the internet.

She said every time she asked Frank Valles about Hyde, he'd say Hyde moved to New Mexico with an unidentified girlfriend.

Police have recovered human remains at both homes.

Court documents state that Valles has changed his story twice with investigators.

In one story he admitted Hyde was dead and buried at the Curnow residence.

In the other story he claimed Hyde was alive and in hiding.

Medrano has not been arrested. 23 ABC asked BPD why not but has not received a response.

Valles is set to be arraigned in court Friday afternoon.

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