Sewage District Sues County

District Wants Judge To Give More Time To Solve Sewage Issues

The sewage department in Lamont is suing the county over the closure of Community Recycling. Lamont Public Utility District is asking a judge to temporarily stop the closure of Community Recycling until they can figure out where to put their sewage.

The PUD says they warned the county if they closed Community Recycling the consequences for their sewage system could be catastrophic. Now they say they are in emergency mode as they try to prevent a massive overflow of human waste.

Community recycling used about 2 million gallons a day of the raw sewage water on its compost piles and that kept the ponds from overflowing.

But now that Community Recycling is closing the only place the water can go is into the ponds and soon they will overflow.

Now Lamont PUD and Community Recycling are trying to get a judge to temporarily allow Community Recycling to stay open while they figure out what to do with all this human waste.

"This does not mean merit or no merit when something like this is granted, if it is to be granted. It just gives more time for a judge to make a decision," County Supervisor Karen Goh said.

Lamont PUD says the situation is critical and they are already taking heroic measures to prevent an overflow. They say all of their ponds are already at their legal limits.

Last Friday, they say they had to ask Community Recycling to use one of its ponds to prevent an overflow of waste.

Now two emergency ponds are being prepared but engineers estimate they will be full in 46 days.

The attorney for Lamont PUD says he asked the county Wednesday morning to allow Community Recycling to continue operating temporarily which would give the sewage district more time, but the county said no.

"The county is actively working with Lamont PUD to try and find solutions," Goh said.

They county says they want to help Lamont find a solution to its sewage problem, but the answer is not to keep Community Recycling open.

"I continue to be focused on finding solutions for the community," Goh said.

Lamont PUD will have a public meeting on Monday to discuss what they are calling a crisis.

The judge will hear the request for a temporary stay on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Lamont PUD is encouraging Lamont residents to cutback on all water use which they hope will slow the flow of sewage into the ponds.

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