Blind Woman Has Clocked In 10 Years Of Work At Goodwill

Blind Woman Touted As One Of The Most Efficient Workers

A woman has spent her entire life in the dark, but one local blind woman has made her mark in the working world sorting clothes.

Martha Martin, 58, may not be able to see but she can navigate her way through a basket of clothes probably better than most people.

"I check for missing buttons, missing zippers, if they're broke," she said.

Martha has been sorting clothes for Goodwill Industries for the past 10 years and her story is quite unique.

"I was born blind and went to public school, did everything as a normal child would," she said.

It was living that normal life Martha credits to her job success.

"I just do everything like anybody else, I don't let it hinder me. If I know I can't do it, then I know I can't do it. I just accept it," she said. "I put them all up, and usually let somebody else organize them to what area they go into," she said.

But with her keen sense of touch, Martha is able to hang with the rest of the employees.

"I would actually venture to say there isn't another sorter in our agency that can hang clothes faster and more efficient than Martha," said Ken Beurmann, vice president of business development for Goodwill Industries. "And the great thing about Martha is that we don't hold her to different standards just because she's blind."

But Martha admits that she is faced with a few challenges on the job.

"Sometimes I put them upside down or something like that, they'll tease me about it and I joke with them and everything. I'll say a comment like, 'Oh I guess I didn't see it that time," she said.

Martha may drop a shirt or two but her work ethic and dedication is truly something to be admired.

"You got to have a positive attitude. You just can't be discouraged all the time or you won't get anywhere in life, if you don't keep a positive attitude and keep showing people you can do it," she said.

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