Local Toyota Dealer Unaffected By Japan Quake, So Far

No Toyotas Are Coming Out of Japan For Days

It was business as usual Tuesday at Bill Wright Toyota.

"We have vehicles in stock, we have vehicles in transit, and there are vehicles that have already been produced," said general sales manager Kevan Juergens.

The Toyota plant has shut down production in Japan following last Friday's 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. Right now, those there are assessing the damage.

While the majority of Toyota models are produced in the United States, models such as the Prius, Hybrid Highlander, Yaris and Scion are produced in Japan.

"We are talking about 30 percent of our business that is impacted by the production in Japan," said Juergens.

With no word on how long the Japan plant will be shut down, there is some worry here at home there could be a shortage of some of those popular models.

Toyota announced Tuesday it is scaled back on production at one of its North American plant to assess the availability of parts, since many come out of Japan.

Even so, Juergens said there is no need to worry yet.

"At least here, in the very, very short term, we are not going to have any problems with vehicle arriving to us," said Juergens.

With information coming out of Japan changing day-to-day, Jeurgens said there is no way to know the long term effects just yet.

"We are on the blessed side of it at this point," said Juergens. "I think we are more worried about the people in Japan. We are worried about the employees who have suffered so much loss of life. That's where our concern is at this particular point."

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