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Tuesday Forecast: Warming This Week

The ridge of high pressure building off the California coast is gaining strength, keeping cool air from twin low pressure systems moving over the Pacific Northwest well to the north of us.
Sunshine will reign over the county through Thursday as temperatures climb well above our averages in the upper 70s, to highs in the lower 90s. So even though it's been sweater-worthy weather each morning, you don't want to put away those summer shorts just yet.
By Friday, the forecast gets interesting. The ridge of high pressure looks to remain in control, but the remnants of Hurricane Paul moving north along the Baja California coast could move into our area. Pair all that subtropical moisture with our summer-like heat and we could see thunderstorms over our area. Right now, Paul looks to become a remnant low pressure system by Friday and head off to the west over the ocean, but we'll track its progress and keep you updated in the coming days.
For now, just expect those sunny skies to dominate the rest of the work week. Temperatures look to start falling on Friday, but stay well above average in those mid-80s. By Sunday, temperatures look to finally fall back to our seasonal upper 70s.


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