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Triple digits today, tomorrow, and beyond

The heat is here! And it's staying for a while.
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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The heat is here!

Bakersfield will hit 100 degrees by the time Thursday is done, and that's going to be a common sight going forward.

A ridge to our east continues to strengthen, and as it does temperatures will continue to soar.

By the weekend, highs will be in the mid 100s for the San Joaquin Valley, and as high as 110 in the Desert.

Even our mountain communities will see highs in the 90s, with the Kern River Valley will hit about 100 degrees.

This heatwave, our third of the year, will last through at least Monday.

On Tuesday the ridge breaks down a bit, and temperatures will fall, but there's still some uncertainty exactly how fall.

In addition to heat, we're keeping an eye on air quality, as high heat tends to lead to high levels of ozone.

It'll be unhealthy for sensitive groups on Thursday.

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Chief Meteorologist Elaina Rusk

Alex Bell

Brandon Michaels

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