Lingering showers wrap up Saturday night

Sunday clears and begins to warm up

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It was a wet week, and that moisture isn't quite through. We'll see some lingering showers and isolated thunderstorms through Saturday evening. By Sunday morning, we should be clear. There is the potential for fog in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

For Sunday, our air quality stays in the good range with an AQI of 38.

Sunday and Monday, our weather remains calm and our temperatures warm back up. The valley will see temperatures right around 70 degrees to start our week, the Kern River Valley will warm back into the lower 60's and our southern mountains will stay in the upper 50's. 

Tuesday, the excitement picks back up. It looks like this system will hit Kern County as early as Tuesday, with the biggest impacts starting Tuesday evening. Tuesday and Wednesday nights look nice and wet, but our temperatures stay warm so snow will be unlikely for our mountain communities. By Thursday night, our mountain communities' overnight lows finally drop below freezing, but it looks like most of the moisture will have wrapped up by then. We could see some snow with anything lingering though.

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