Kern County School Fog Delays

Click here for a list of current Fog Delays in the Kern County Area.

The California Highway Patrol has offered safe driving tips.

“Driving in inclement weather can pose numerous safety challenges,” said CHP Captain Brian Smith. “Many crashes are caused by people driving too fast in the rain, snow or fog.”

To help drivers negotiate slick conditions while traveling through rain, fog or snow, the CHP offers the following safety tips:

When traveling it’s recommended you carry the following items:

  • Check to see that the windshield wipers are in good condition.
  • Be sure the vehicle’s headlights are on anytime you have your windshield wipers on continuously.
  • Reduce your speed and allow more time for your journey. The maximum posted speed limit may not apply to the wet or icy road conditions.
  • If you encounter fog, again, slow down. Drive with your lights on low beam.
  • Don’t stop on a highway, unless it’s an emergency.
  • keep a close watch on your speed.
  • Tire chains and tighteners, flashlight and batteries, flares, small shovel, windshield scraper, waterproof clothing that’s warm, blankets, snacks and drinking water.
  • A cell phone with a backup power source might be the single most important safety item available.

The CHP urges you to check road conditions often. The best way to do this is to call the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Road Conditions Hotline: 1-800-427-ROAD (1-800-427-7623).

In addition to overcoming weather-related obstacles, remember to buckle up, slow down and never drink and drive.

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