Man robbed while saving other man from drowning

An American tourist in Ireland said he was robbed while rescuing a man from drowning.

Joe Sheehan, 20, from Nebraska, told the Irish Independent that when he saw a man in trouble in the river, he emptied his pockets and went to the man's aid.

"I was just standing on the bridge and watching. His head started to go under so I ran around to the side and took everything out of my pockets, took my trousers and shirt off," Sheehan told the paper.

Sheehan, a trained lifeguard, was able to pull the man from the river, but when he returned to shore, his wallet and cellphone were gone.

"I'm standing there in my underwear, just soaking wet, and I literally have nothing now," he said.

A spokeswoman for police said the theft is under investigation.

More details can be found on the Irish Independent website here:

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