Tech company Sinewatts looks to bring more energy jobs to Bakersfield

Posted at 6:33 PM, Aug 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-15 21:33:59-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Sinewatts, a company committed to driving energy forward with sustainably powering electric vehicles and creating solutions for the overall electric grid of the future, originally based in North Carolina is coming to Bakersfield. They plan to partner with California State University Bakersfield to bring more tech jobs to our city.

Advancing energy through electric vehicles and providing power. That’s the goal of Sinewatts. Les Mood with Sinewatts says they want to make a mark on the future of technology.

“Our goal is to provide academic jobs number one first, and engineering and technology jobs that are high paying in the community,” he explained. “The grid of the future to us means distributed, clean and on wheels. And this will enable the grid to be more resilient, more reliable, and clean."

And through a partnership with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development – or GO-Biz -- they are coming to Bakersfield as a local energy hub to make this possible.

“Bakersfield as the energy capital of California and arguably the world has some of the greatest talent when it comes to engineering in the energy industry, as well as the community spirit is what i like to call the biggest small town in America, that can really drive innovation forward,” said Mood.

GO-Biz helped foster the relationship that's bringing Sinewatts to California after meeting the company at the California Energy Commission in Kern County. Derek Kirk with GO-Biz says Sinewatts will work with local academic institutions to also help educate others about their unique electric grid.

“We look at the leadership of people like Mayor Goh, Dr. Zelezney, and Dr. Fishencen, at CSUB and the Kern Community College District and we see them leaning into energy innovation and building a new industry sector in this community that builds on the existing infrastructure and really leans into the climate component.”

Mood says previously they worked with the University of North Carolina Charlotte to create Voltaic Technology and they want to work with CSUB to create more and drive energy forward.

“Now we intend to develop that same technology and put it inside of electric vehicles as the most advanced power electronics. It's been demonstrated in the world. We intend to replicate that model, partner with the university, and bring this technology to market as we’ve done in the past with UNC Charlotte."

Mood adds that Sinewatts is now ready to grow its business here in our community.

“Really it's just the beginning but the city has really initiated this whole process with this public-private partnership and we’ll continue to make progress and bring more funds to Kern County.”

Once Sinewatts is officially in Bakersfield Mood says ideally they will be located at CSUB in the California Energy Resource Center that will be built with funding from the $83 million allocation for energy production at the university announced in June.