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Abortion measure one step closer to reaching Arizona's November ballot

If the amendment makes it on the ballot and is approved by voters, then abortion in the state would be legal up until the point of viability.
Abortion measure one step closer to reaching Arizona's November ballot
Posted at 10:33 AM, Apr 04, 2024

The group fighting for abortion to be on the ballot in Arizona announced Tuesday they are one step closer. Arizona for Abortion Access said they have gathered 500,000 signatures, which is beyond the number needed to get the measure on the ballot in November.

"It's very validating," said Dawn Penich, the Communications Director for the group.

She said that's well above the minimum threshold, which is around 384,000 signatures.

If they succeed, voters will be deciding on a constitutional amendment on abortion. If passed the amendment would allow access until the point of viability.

"What this measure does is return the decision-making power to the people who matter most; that's the patient themselves, their own health care provider and their own family," said Penich.

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However, critics like those with the group It Goes Too Far told Scripps News Phoenix that the language of the measure is too vague.

"Voters deserve to know the truth," said Cindy Dahlgren. "They deserve to know what they will lose."

Dahlgren said she and others believe it would create uncertainty when it comes to medical safety.

"Well, unfortunately, most of the voters are not being told that under this unregulated unlimited abortion amendment, they will lose the required medical doctor and those critical common sense safety standards that are in place right now," said Dahlgren.

This story was originally published by Ashley Holden at Scripps News Phoenix.

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