Songwriter Diane Warren nominated for 12th Oscar

Posted at 12:20 AM, Apr 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-25 03:20:21-04

For twelve-time Oscar-nominated songwriter, Diane Warren, music is what helps us “see” and feel things deeply.

“When you walk away from a movie and you hear that song, when it’s done right it’s going to bring you back to the experience you had with that movie,” Warren said. “I try to write a song that gets to the emotional core of the movie. And then in the base case scenario, it will live outside of the movie as well.”

Making others feel seen, is quite literally the message of her Original Song Oscar nomination this year for IO SÌ (SEEN), for Netflix’s the life ahead sung and co-lyricized by Laura Pausini, as part of the song is in Italian. Sophia Loren stars as Holocaust survivor, Madame Rosa, who opens her home to 12-year-old street kid, Momo shortly after he tried to rob her.

“The world doesn’t see them and they don’t see each other at first, but Laura Pausini put it a really beautiful way: It’s about creating a family with whoever you’re with, by love,” Warren said. “The whole song is about understanding and seeing with your heart.”

And for decades people have seen Diane write hit after hit.

Warren’s songs have been featured in over 100 movies. That songwriting talent has earned her now 12 oscar nominations, not to mention a Grammy, two Golden Globes and an Emmy. It all started because someone chose to see her first, and she wants to recognize him, whether she wins on sunday night or not.

“It would be nice, since they pushed the Oscars back a couple months, it just landed on my dad’s birthday and he was the first person to believe in me,” Warren said. “You know, wouldn’t that be amazing, [to win]?”

You can tune into 23ABC news at 5 Sunday night to see who ends up taking home the Original Song Oscar, or any of the Oscars.