Special needs student suprised with cap and gown

Posted at 7:04 AM, May 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-28 10:04:11-04

A teacher from Georgia and her special needs student have gained attention from the nation after a special moment went viral on video.

23ABC's Adam Bowles has the story and video on his Facebook page.

Kimberly Wimbish, a special needs teacher from Griffin High School, surprised her student, Jamais Howard with his own cap and gown in the video.

Howard didn't make good grades all of the time and he was down a few credits in order to graduate. Wimbish wanted to giver her time and help Howard graduate with his classmates.

"We just had to find a creative way to help him learn, to help him retain all of the information," she said. 

Wimbish met with Howard often to tutor with him all of the subjects that he struggled in.  Since he saw her effort, he wanted to do the best he could do.

"I wasn't in class doing right, but God changed my life, like really changed my life," he said.

Even though his grades went up, Howard still didn't believe he was going to pass in order to graduate.  Wimbish surprised him at his home with a moment that changed his life forever.  He delivered his cap and gown personally which moved him to tears.

"It felt wonderful because I knew the challenges he faced," Wimbish said.

"It's the most exciting feeling to graduate and be a better man. I want to teach kids to graduate and do better," Howard said. 

He recieved his diploma on Saturday all thanks to this loving bond.

He plans to major in sports medicine in college.