Cards for Grandma sends letters to seniors in pandemic

Posted at 10:11 AM, Sep 25, 2020

Saddened by not being able to see his grandmother during the pandemic one man was inspired to start a new business that's spreading joy to seniors.

When Presley Kappana could no longer visit his grandmother because of the pandemic, he started calling her on the phone.

"She also has dementia so she's pretty forgetful and five minutes later she'd call back and it would be like we didn't talk," said Kappana.

So Presley decided to communicate in a way she'd never forget.

"So I started sending her cards and she went from sad and depressed and anxious to all the sudden she's getting all these cards and putting them all around her room."

He said doing things the old fashioned way lifted her spirits and continuously made her feel loved.

"It was just so wonderful and there was like a 180-degree turn in her well-being and I thought, if this had such a profound effect on her, I can probably do this for other people."

And that's when Cards for Grandma was born. For $11.99 a month, you could send your loved ones two handwritten cards a month all made by Presley.

"It's something so fun and so personable. And to have something tangible to hold onto, it makes it all the much more special."

Because feeling special, and loved is unforgettable.