Bakersfield College announces a comprehensive Early College program for all high school students in Kern County

Posted at 2:46 PM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 21:41:28-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Bakersfield College is collaborating with high schools in Kern County to offer a comprehensive set of courses for high school students, 9th-12th grade, in the Early College Summer 2020 program.

This program caters to high school students who want to get started on their college degree while still in high school.

Designed to keep students on track with their education during the COVID-19 pandemic, Early College Summer 2020 courses will be held online as social distancing continues throughout the summer months.

The courses include tutoring and other academic student support services.

“Early College is a great opportunity for Kern County high school students to get a jump on earning college credit this summer,” said Steven Watkin, executive director of Outreach and School Relations at Bakersfield College. “In the Early College Summer 2020 program, students can save time and money by earning college credit while still in high school. By the fall, they’ll be on their way to completing their degree with credits they can transfer into an associate or baccalaureate program.”

The courses offered through Early College Summer 2020 are tuition-free, with minimal fees.

“Kern County has a rich history of partnerships among educational institutions to break down barriers and support student learning at all levels,” said Dr. Dean McGee, associate superintendent of the Kern High School District. “Early College makes the transition to higher education seamless for our students and places them on a pathway to a rewarding career. We are always looking for ways to set up our students for success, and the Early College Summer 2020 program does just that."

Early College is a program designed to increase higher education attainment rates across the county.

Historically, Kern County has had a low rate, averaging 16%, with an even lower rate of 9% in rural areas.

Early College Summer 2020 enrollment began April 1st.

Students can receive a laptop from the Laptop Loaner program if they do not have one available to them.

Check here for more information about Early College Summer 2020.